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AllBinary Arcade Game Development Kit

The AllBinary Arcade Game Development Kit contains over 100 very small libraries to help ease arcade game development. The main features include the following:

  • Multi-Platform - Android, J2ME, and J2SE (Moblin, IPhone, Linux, Windows, Solaris, Mac, and More)

  • Fullscreen and Windowed Support (Does not require restart to toggle between)

  • Real Time Strategy (Building, Waypoints, Geographic Resources, and More)
  • OpenGL Support (1.5 and ES 1.0/1.2) with JOGL and JMonkeyEngine
  • Game Object Placement (Maps, Levels, Enemy Positions and More)
  • Genre Specific Libraries (Racing, Scroller, Map Based, and More)
  • Network Libraries (Licensing, Remote Scores, and More)
  • Feature/Configuration Options Framework
  • Tile Map Creation, Editing, and Loading
  • Touch Screen Buttons & Gestures
  • Save/Load/Delete Game State
  • Special Collision Detection
  • Vector Graphics Support
  • Custom Input Mapping
  • Key Input Processing
  • Orientation Controls
  • Transitions/Progress

  • Special Animations

  • Heads Up Displays

  • Power-Ups/Drops

  • Screen Shakes
  • Path Finding

  • Vibration
  • Physics

  • AI/Bots

  • Teams

  • More...

Other Info:
  • Over 140,000 lines of efficient Java code over 100 very small libraries
  • Most of the libraries are use by our games, but some are not
  • Only about 6% of the code is specific to any game
Game Tools:

I use 4 open source tools (BSD or AL licenses) and 2 of our own tools for development of games. They are not part of the submission, but they do make it a complete game development library and would be part of the game library distribution.

Some Unique Capabilities:
  • Only game specific library that supports all 3 platforms
  • Unique set of features for the mobile world as listed above.
  • Feature/Configuration Options Framework provides the runtime flexibility for phones of different capabilities like the following:
    • Sound
    • Screen Shakes
    • Rotation Fidelity
    • Vector vs. Image Graphics
    • Other Game Specific Graphics Options
    • Game Challenge Levels and Sub Challenges Levels
    • And more...
I think that while this seems trivial it is not. It could revolutionize all game development by allowing and application to flex for each device. I will extend the Feature/Configuration Options Framework even further by adding a dynamic auto option selection for a specific phone instead of the default activity options. This will make it so the FPS is never slow as long as the user does not add options for custom gameplay.
  • Some of the features provided by the game library are the most performant available. For example, I use a custom A* Algorithm in the Path Finding library for Zepto Racer that is more performant than any I have seen.
  • Single tool for all your mobile game library needs. No separate physics or audio libraries or tools needed.


Fast Android plugin and various other libraries for the MicroEmulator

OpenGL Support:

  • OpenGL ES 1.0 uses vertex list
  • OpenGL ES 1.2 uses direct_texture if available
  • OpenGL 1.5 uses direct_texture if available
  • Scene Editor is available for making 3D games
  • 3D game libs for movable camera view being Isometric, Top, Follow, and more

Coming Soon in 2010:

  • Finish integration for 3D games - Scene Editor and Camera Views
  • Multi-player support for social networking and game lobby
  • Real map integration

Future Impl:

  • More plaform support
  • Robotics Integration
  • MDA Integration